Or-Pro Magnetic and Promotional Products Ltd. – The House of Magnets is the only company in Israel that specializes in all types of magnets, in all their aspects and their related products. You will find a broad range of printed magnets, resilient industrial magnets, adhesive magnetic sheets, sales and promotional products and much more, all under one roof.

Or-Pro started out as a private business in 2001 and in 2006 became a limited (Ltd.) company, owned by Uri Ohayon and Ilan Tubol. Over time, Or-Pro Magnetic and Promotional Products Ltd. became a center for the import, export and marketing of magnetic products, including sales, promotional and advertising merchandise.

The core values of Or-Pro include high quality, great service and uncompromising credibility. The Company conveys these values in all of its activities, starting with its courteous and prompt phone service, in its formulation of price quotes, in its attentiveness to customer needs, in maintaining high quality and meeting schedules and deadlines, and all with gracious and pleasant service.

Or-Pro imports raw magnetic products, and exports finished goods and merchandise. The Company’s extensive list of customers includes some of the leading corporations in the economy and market, governmental agencies, institutions, health organizations (Kupot Holim), banks, the defense industry, hi-tech companies, industrial plants, advertising firms, print houses, artists, designers, other various companies and private customers.

Or-Pro classifies its line of magnetic-related activity and products into three key areas:

1. Magnet printing– flat magnet printing for the advertising market, for giveaways, games, arts & crafts, education and training. For example rectangular and multi-shaped refrigerator magnets, magnetic picture frames, magnetic book marks, paper pads attached to magnets, double sided printed magnets, erasable magnetic boards, erasable magnetic markers, magnetic puzzles, magnetic butterflies, magnets for the car, magnetic games, magnetic boards, magnetic calendars, printed magnetic buttons, thick magnets, boards for magnets, magnets for the refrigerator, magnetic stickers, magnetic straps, business card magnets, erasable boards, advertising boards, cut-out adhesive magnets and more.

2. Powerful and resilient industrial magnets– numerous types of these metal magnets are available, such as NdFeB magnets (Neodymium or Rare Earth Magnets), which belong to the extremely powerful industrial magnets group. The Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnet is also found in this family of magnets, as are Ceramic magnets, Ferrite magnetic buttons and Ferrite magnetic cubes. Also available are Alnico magnets – cast magnets made of aluminum, nickel and cobalt compounds. Or Pro carries a wide range of industrial-magnets inventory, which is available for immediate purchase. The Company also imports specially, preordered metal industrial magnets for its customers.

3. Import and marketing of adhesive magnetic sheets and glossy photo paper for event photographers. Magnet photographers, who specialize in magnet production for events, purchase adhesive magnets from us, as well as adhesive A4 magnets, magnet stickers and labels, glossy photo paper and shiny photo sheets. Or-Pro markets high quality printable magnetic paper and produces gifts and giveaways for events.

In the field of promotional and advertising products, the Company produces a wide range of items, including: mouse pads, drink coasters, placemats, memo rulers for computer monitors, lapel pins, lapel buttons, stickers and labels, scratch cards, paper chain flags, memo sheets, notepads, 3D printings (holograms), book marks, nametags for suitcases, clip boards, a variety of magnetic products for preschools, advertising magnets, special gimmicks and giveaways for shows and conferences, and much more.

Unique products made by Or-Pro Metal –exclusive invitation design for events

If you are interested in buying one of our products or alternatively, in producing an item of your own, we will take you up on your challenge! You will receive a finished, packaged product directly from the manufacturer that is accustomed to your needs and free of mediation costs, while we maintain complete discretion and credibility.

Feel free to inquire with us – that’s what we are here for.

We will be more than happy to assist and service you with any request and issue.st and service you with any request and issue.