At Or-Pro you will find the most extensive range of powerful and resilient industrial magnets. We keep stock of magnetic discs, cylinders rings, and bricks. Further, we offer magnets with built-in screw holes and magnets in iron coverings. Each magnet type and shape comes in various strengths, from the smallest size, and up to those that are capable of holding tens and even hundreds of kilograms.
Metal magnets that are especially powerful are usually silver colored and belong to theNeodymium family group (NdFeB or rare Earth Magnets).

Magnets have numerous and wide ranging uses. We classified them as follows:
For hanging and attaching – this group includes all utilizations in which the magnet holds some sort of an element to iron.
For closing and locking – for example: jewelry, boxes, doors, books, clothing, bags, etc.
Magnetic levitation – by repelling identical poles.
For filtering, sorting, cleaning and collecting – chips at production lines, gathering metal parts from work surfaces, metal sorting.
For detecting and identifying – utilizing the magnetic field and its impacts on electronic components, indication.
For concealing – among other things, this assists in the design aspect, for example, when wanting to conceal the method of hanging.
Physical impact with no direct contact – for example, magnetic floats in a container.
Energy conversion – for instance, conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy.
For healing and treatment – insoles, mattresses, bracelets, pain relief, etc.

For your convenience, on our website we classified the different items according to their subcategory, appearing on the left. The images of the products are for illustrative purposes only (most of which we have available in stock for immediate purchase). Some items do not appear on the list but are in stock. It is also possible to order an item that is not immediately available in stock, as a special production order, per your needs and request: technical and shape specifications, strength, magnetic field direction, type of coating, etc.

Further to the Neodymium magnets, we carry Ferrite ceramic magnets, with lower energy levels than the Neodymium magnets, at a significantly lower cost. Please refer to the additional information on the right side of the subcategory ‘Ferrite Ceramic Magnets’.

There are two additional types of powerful industrial magnets that we import per special orders according to customers’ specified needs and requests. The first is Alnico, made of aluminum (AI), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co) compounds. The second is Samarium Cobalt SmCo, made of samarium (Sm) and cobalt (Co) compounds. For additional information on these magnets, please refer to the ‘Magnet Technical Information’ subcategory.

מתקני הרמה מגנטיים מתקן מגנטי לאיסוף ברזלים מהריצפה עזרים מגנטיים לריתוך מתקני סינון ולכידה מגנטיים לקווי יצור מתקני סינון ולכידה מגנטיים לקווי יצור מתקני סינון ולכידה מגנטיים לקווי יצור צ'אק מגנט והתקני ריתוק לעיבוד ברזל

Upon your initial inquiry, we will identify and define your specific needs and offer you the optimal solution accordingly, in light of the vast experience and knowledge we have accumulated over the years in all that is related to magnets and their use. You are more than welcome to visit us at our Tel-Aviv store and be assisted by our product display and guidance, in order to find the magnet that is right for you. We recommend that you come with the item / system / product that you would like to “magnetize” or at least have with you basic, essential details, such as: the weight of the object to be held, the distance of impact, work temperature, material type, budget, drilling diameter, etc.